Hilton Coat of ArmsThe surname ‘Hilton’ originates from England. It is derived from the habitation name for many of the various place so called. Most including those in Cambridgeshire ( formerly Huntfordshire.), Cleveland, Derbyshire, and Shropshire, get the name form the Old English word ‘hyll’ meaning hill and ‘tun’ meaning enclosure, settlement. Others, including those in Cumbria and Dorset, have early forms in Hel- and probably have as their first element the Old English word ‘hielve’ meaning slope or possibly ‘helde’ meaning tansy. Compiled information from Historical and Private archive’s has confirmed that the surname ‘Hilton’ and or it’s variant’s, dates as far back as the thirteenth century were a ‘Richard de Hilton’, from the county of Cambridgeshire, England, is recorded on the Hundred Rolls in 1273. A family now bearing this name originated at Hetton in County Durham (from the Old English word ‘heope’ meaning rosehip and ‘dun’ meaning hill). The surname had already been assimilated to Hilton by the time of ‘Robert de Hilton’ (died 1309). The exact period of settlement in North America has not been definitely determined but Information extracted from Public and Civil registry archive’s confirm that one of the first settlers was a certain ‘William Hilton’, from the city of London, England. He emigrated to North America in 1621, sailing from the port of London aboard the ship named the ‘Fortune’, and landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts. He moved from there to Exeter, and later to York, Massachusetts, where he married his second wife ‘Francis’ and had by her one son ‘William Hilton’, before dying in 1655-6. Today ‘Hilton’, is the ‘One thousand and thirty-fourth’ most common surname in America.


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